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Beyond Restructuring

What we do

Private Assets SE & Co. KGaA is a Hamburg-based investment company specializing in corporate investments in special situations. The shares are traded on the open market of the Berlin Stock Exchange under the securities identification number A3H223. Private Assets invests in corporate spin-offs and medium-sized companies that are currently underperforming. Another investment focus is on companies with open succession issues. The management of Private Assets has many years of experience and a proven track record in investments in special situations. To ensure the necessary rapid implementation, the company has a well-coordinated team with in-house experience in areas such as product supply, project management, sales & marketing, legal and finance. Due to the close operational support of Private Assets, the company achieves fast, efficient and sustainable changes in its investments.

What we are looking for

  • Spin-offs from corporate groups
  • Companies with below-average turnover situation
  • Companies in need of restructuring
  • Companies with open succession issues

The company's turnover is ideally located between 10 and 250 million EURO. This allows us to implement the necessary measures effectively and quickly. Private Assets invests in companies in transition or distressed situations, preferably companies in the manufacturing industry based in Germany or Western Europe.

Our Approach - Beyond Restructuring

Private Assets stands for "Beyond Restructuring".

When we invest or involve in a company, we do it right!

We combine many years of experience from classic turnaround management with typical start-up approaches.

Nowadays, companies increasingly find themselves in distressed situations due to their lack of digitalisation expertise or experience. Traditional causes such as a lack of cost structure are no longer the sole reason.

Hence, the "classic restructuring" with the focus on cost reduction is no longer up to date

It requires the use of new digital technologies to achieve process optimisations in production and administration

In addition, sustainable competitive advantages in the sense of a holistic transformation requires a (disruptive) change in the business model.

We combine the best of both worlds to increase the company's value sustainably and in the long term. To do this, we get involved in day-to-day business, if necessary. We know what we are doing and we think in terms of partnership. That's also how we act. The involvement of the company's management team is necessary and is part of what we offer. Through joint responsibility, in and for the company, we increase the value of the company faster and more sustainably.

3 Steps Process

Securing Status Quo

  • Ensuring liquidity

  • Controlling Implementation and controlling of all measures

  • Supporting with Management expertise and capacity


Repositioning ᛫ Optimisation

  • Focusing on profitability

  • Strenghening of Sales

  • Process optimisation

  • Cost Management

  • Refocusiong on profitable growth

  • Investing in Business development

  • Professionalisation


Realisation ᛫ Operations

  • Ensuring liquidity

  • Controlling Implementation and controlling of all measures

  • Supporting with Management expertise and capacity

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